TEDx Suva 2017 speakers to showcase Ocean of Ideas

39 days till TEDx Suva 2017 and the talks they are a-brewing! This year’s speaker lineup is promising to be a feast of ideas worth sharing.

After all, we live in the world’s largest Ocean of Ideas. Our Pacific Ocean is not only the world’s largest mass of water, covering 30 per cent of the earth’s surface and carrying over half of its open water supply. It is also our planet’s deepest body of water. And these ideas are running Mariana Trench deep.

We’re excited to have an amazing, diverse bunch of human beings who have agreed to bring their ideas to the TEDx Suva mat. From demonstrating global solutions in a local community to preserving our endangered history, from celebrating our biodiversity to questioning one’s inner ocean of identities, we’re inspired by what we’re hearing.

TEDx Suva 2017 speakers are thinking profoundly about issues affecting us all and they’re acting on them too. The good news is that so can you!

Stay tuned for an announcement of the speaker lineup in the coming days. Ticket registration for the free event will open on Saturday 1 April to join the 100 audience members at TEDx Suva, taking place on Saturday 6 May.

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