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Fiji and the wider Pacific Region are facing a crisis of Non-Communicable Disease. In Fiji there is one diabetic amputation every 12 hours. This is devastating for a country with a population around 1 million.

Dr Jone Hawea spent many years as a surgeon only to familiar with this this statistic. During this time he began to explore more holistic options to prevention of diabetes and many other so called “life style” diseases. Including options that have sustained the health of Pacific people for generations.

In this talk, Dr Jone takes us on his journey to find this more holistic preventative approach. He offers a simple and refreshing idea on what we can do to give ourselves a better chance to beat the Non-Communicable Disease crisis we face in the Pacific and live better lives.

Dr Jone Hawea is a medical surgeon who has served in all major hospitals in Fiji. Much of his work has revolved around diabetic amputations. He has also served as Medical Officer in various Peace Keeping Missions and has done medical stints in Niue and in New Zealand.

Dr Jone Hawea is currently the Medical Director of the SMILE Health Initiative of FRIEND, a home grown Fijian NGO. He is also the associate Director of Foundation for Rural Integrated Enterprises & Development, a local NGO that works towards empowering communities through social, economic and health programs.

He is a keen rugby player and has been organizing a mix of sports in communities to ensure that men and women of all ages participate to ensure physical health.

Dr Jone is also a heartfulness meditation trainer and has been offering this service free of charge to ensure his patients find relief from stresses known to be contributing factors to non-communicable diseases.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


Dr Jone Hawea
Medical Director of SMILE Health Initiative of FRIEND.
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