Partners 2017

We are honoured to have many of the same partners we brought on board for our very first event as part of our team this year. We are conscious of working with partners that both inspire innovation and are committed to Pacific ideas worth spreading both here and across the region.

Thankyou to each and every person and organisation that has taken the time to support us again this year and welcome to our new partners that have come on board the TEDxSuva family. You are inspiring new generations of leaders in the region and we thank you deeply for your commitment.

Major Partners

UN in the Pacific is excited to be part of another journey with TEDxSuva with the focus on Oceans of Ideas. An apt way of recognizing the importance of Oceans in this region! UN in the Pacific continues to harness the creativity and innovation in partnership with TEDx Suva.

Fiji Television Limited is a locally owned Television Broadcaster in Fiji and started its operation with humble beginnings in 1994. At that time, Fiji TV was issued a 15-year exclusive licence to operate a free-to-air television station by the Government of the day. In-House Production is Fiji TV’s advertising and commercial production that provides audio and visual solutions for clients. Fiji TV’s vision is to be the best communications business for Pacific communities.

Leadership Fiji is pleased to be part of the TEDxSuva initiative, a platform which will, for the first time in Fiji, celebrate locally-driven ideas on a global stage. The elevation of free speech and local innovation through this medium augers well with the values that we champion, in leading the way to promote diversity, empowerment and big ideas that need to be heard.

Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF) is a space for catalysing, mobilizing and mainstreaming action in support of sustainable development through green/blue economy in Pacific Island Countries. PIDF provides a framework for bringing together the expertise of the private sector, normative leadership of the public sector, and successful delivery mechanisms of civil society. We are thrilled to be one of the major partners of TEDxSuva “Ocean of Ideas” initiative and look forward to this innovative and inspirational adventure. PIDF also invites everyone to join our #myoceanmatters campaign to acknowledge 2017 as the Pacific Year for the Oceans!


Individual Patrons

Soli Middleby and Jordie Kilby
Raijeli Nicole
Lisa Kingsberry
Evlyn Mani and Kamal Chetty

Friend of TEDxSuva

Dale Middleby, Mav Middleby, Amy Middleby, Jenny Kilby, Stacey Tennant

Support Partners

Prayush Chetty, Web Design and management
Pray is a passionate young web developer and small business entrepreneur who has been involved with TEDxSuva from the beginning. He is an innovative creator in his own right and helps ensure we bring the best and most engaging styled site to our audience.

Website hosting – Webmedia
Webmedia Fiji is an advertising and communications agency that specializes in providing creative graphical, video, technological and web-based services throughout the South Pacific and beyond.

Trinetra Marketing – event materials
Trinetra Marketing Limited provides creative design and advertising solutions in Fiji. Digital Advertising, web designing, graphic designing, concept development.

Niu Grillz – Catering
Dedicated to improving the quality of our local delicacies and to provide it to our local market.

With our Smoked and Grilled meats with variation of sides and Niu recipes we have been able to not only find a gap in the market but grow and learn at the same time.

Built by hand from scratch with only an idea and the love of Food.
We as a team have come a long way just to start a NIU wave. Lets ride.

Samson Lee – Fashion Designer (design of our tote bags)
Drawing inspiration and paying homage to great Fijian designers of the past, Samson has has quickly become one of the fastest growing labels in Fiji and the Pacific. In line with our theme on the ocean Samson has designed our tote shopping bags to reflect the Pacific and the need to reduce plastic in our seas.

First Fighter is a Video and Audio production company and we specialize in producing corporate videos, documentaries and commercials.We have recently branched into Graphic Design and Digital Heritage and we are proud to be involved with TEDxSuva. Our designer Marie Koya’s unique style is driven by her art and her passion for it. A poet, photographer and visual artist that is able to articulate through both graphic design and video editing offers her audience a refreshing, soulful perspective through all that she delivers. We are proud to be part of the TEDxSuva family.

Wallery is all about finding and displaying the best social media content. It is a beautiful and user-friendly way of curating and displaying social media content about you, your brand and more.
Wallery helps you find the most relevant user-generated content (UGC) and enables you to create genuine social-powered stories. Create and display your social media walls and social media hubs on any screen and increase engagement with your brand or at your event venue through the power of owned and earned content.

For the past couple of years, Wallery has been a proud strategic partner of numerous TEDx events.