2017 Event Theme

The Pacific Ocean is our home. It is the oldest, largest and most diverse body of water on the planet. It has the highest mountains, deepest trenches and a near limitless range of human experience and natural conditions. It has forever fired imaginations and this year it has inspired TEDxSuva’s 2017 theme: An Ocean of Ideas.

The diversity and depth of intellect, stories and ideas are vast and this year our event will again focus on bringing light to the ideas created in the Pacific, that stand on a global stage.

This year the team also asked for contributions from Pacific writers and story tellers and the winners of this competition will be announced in the coming weeks and our theme will be adapted to their exceptional pieces of work.


TEDx events have strict rules pertaining to the number of people able to attend events and as such we will be offering 100 tickets to attend the event. The ticket application will be opened in early April but to ensure we are able to cater to the large audience wanting to be involved this year we will also offer streaming of the event. More details to coming in the coming weeks.


Our first TEDxSuva event will be held at the Perforamce Space at the University of the South Pacific. The venue will accommodate our limited 100 attendees and is fully accessible to those with any conditioned mobility. Particiants will be provided with fully catered dinner, showcasing a range of dishes from Suva’s young culinary entrepreneurs.
The space will be created to encourage discussion, talanoa and networking in the breaks and at dinner.

This venue is limited to 100 people due to licence agreements so applicants with approved tickets will be the only attendees invited into the event.


This is a completely free event but due to the nature of TEDx events the seating capacity for TEDxSuva in 2017 is a total of 100 people. To attend you can apply here by providing a few details about yourself and why you would like to be a part of this inaugural and innovative idea sharing event.

Application Form for the Event


To ensure every person has an equal chance to attend TEDxSuva and to ensure our audience capacity does not exceed 100 people, this process is necessary.

This event is free but the capacity is limited based on the licence provided by TEDx Events which requires both the application process and a total seating capacity of only 100 people for the first event.

The process is very simple with only a few key questions and the team will read each and every application to ensure the process is fair for those that are interested in attending such an innovative and creative event.


If you would like to be involved and support the team to make this event possible please contact our organising committee via email .

Email or Fill in the form on Contact us Page

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